Our quaint tea room is the perfect setting for a cup or pot of your favorite tea or perhaps to discover a new one! We offer several tea brands and blends as well as fruit and herbal tisanes.

Art prints and teacups adorn the soft peach walls and fresh flowers or candles grace each table creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our unique porcelain and china teacups and teapots are often the topic of conversation.

We offer an extensive menu featuring our popular "Afternoon Tea"(reservations required), a traditional, three-course affair. We invite you to browse our menu below.

Afternoon Tea (Low tea) – Scones served Warm with Fresh Whipped Sweet Cream and Strawberry Preserve, Assorted Tea Sandwiches (Savories), Mini Quiche, Assorted Sweets, and Pot of Tea with refills. Select from our extensive tea menu. $28

Light Tea – Scones served Warm with Fresh Whipped Sweet Cream and Strawberry Preserve, Assorted Sweets and Pot of Tea with refills. Select from our extensive tea menu. $15

Cream Tea – Scones served Warm with Fresh Whipped Sweet Cream and Strawberry Preserve and pot of tea with refills. Select from our extensive tea menu. $10

Children’s Tea – Scone served with Fresh Whipped Sweet Cream and Strawberry Preserve, Tea Sandwich of Peanut Butter or Nutella (Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread) with Jelly or Fluff (Choice of White or Wheat Bread), Giant Sugar Cookie. Served with choice of Fruit Tea or Hot Chocolate. $19

Tea – Small Pot  $4Large Pot  $6

Hot Cocolate – Small Pot $4

Iced Tea – Rose Lemonade – (Seasonal) $4

Green Tea or Fruit Smoothie – $4

A La Carte Menu - Served Wednesday through Friday

Soup –Organic Tomato or Carrot Ginger. – Served with Crackers Cup $5 Bowl $6

Garden Salad –Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Side $5 Full $8

Sandwiches – Chicken, Tuna, Egg Salad, Cucumber and Cream Cheese, or Grilled Cheese with sliced Tomato (optional) and Served with Pickle and Potato Chips or Sliced Apple $8

Quiche – Broccoli and Cheese, Flakey Crust and topped with sliced Tomato (optional) $8

Make it a Combo! –Sandwich or Quiche with Cup of Soup or Side Salad $11

Scones/Desserts/Sweets — Served Wednesday through Sunday

Scones – Two Scrumptious Scones Served Warm with Our Fresh Whipped Sweet Cream and Strawberry Preserve $4

Crumpets – An English Tradition, Two Toasted Crumpets Served with Butter and/or Strawberry Preserve $4

Eccles Cakes –Two Original Lancashire Eccles Cakes served filled with Raisins and Vostizza Currants. Served Warm with Our Fresh Whipped Sweet Cream. $5

Spotted Dick – A Delicious Steamed Pudding with Sultanas and Raisins. $5

Steamed Sponge Pudding – Moist English Sponge Topped with Syrup and Whipped Sweet Cream. Ask For Our Flavors of The Week $5

Double Chocolate Tea Bread – Chocolate Tea Bread with Dark Chocolate Chips and Whipped Sweet Cream $5

Apple Blossom – Warm Pastry filled with Apples and Cinnamon. Dusted with Confectioners Sugar and a Dollop of Fresh Whipped Sweet Cream $5

5. Gingerbread (Seasonal) – A Winter Favorite, Served warm, Dusted with ConfectionerŐs Sugar and Topped With our Fresh Whipped Sweet Cream $5

*Menu and Pricing Subject to Change Without Notice*

Our Sandwiches and Scones, are available for your special occasion or to enjoy at home!

Please Note:
* There is a Sharing Fee of $10 Per Afternoon Tea Service.
**A Service Fee of 20% may be added to guest checks for groups of five or more guests

Tea Menu


English Breakfast ~ This China Black takes milk and sugar well. The perfect way to begin a hectic day!

Irish Breakfast ~ This 100% Assam will give your morning a powerful start. Takes milk and sugar well

Darjeeling ~ The “Queen of Teas”. Lighter than a breakfast blend, making it a wonderful afternoon tea

Palm Court ~ The same light and elegant blend served at the Palm restaurant at the Plaza Hotel

Earl Grey ~ A blend of black teas beautifully balanced with refreshing citrus bergamot

Vanilla ~ The natural sweetness and rich flavor makes this an irresistible delight

Moroccan Mint ~ A wonderfully invigorating spearmint tea, highly scented and a soothing digestif

Chai ~ Combines Assam, freshly ground cardamom, and spices to create a hauntingly subtle spiced blend Add milk and sugar or honey for a truly exotic treat. *We can not offer Chai Latte for group functions

Lapsang Souchong ~ An ancient and much loved tea from China. Leaves are dried over smoky pine fires, giving it a distinctive smoky flavor. Great when you want a change of pace

Blueberry ~ A delicate gourmet Ceylon black tea with naturally fragrant blueberry extracts

Peaches & Ginger ~ The flavor of fresh peaches with a hint of ginger

Apricot ~ An elegant tea with the warm, almost nutty flavor of Apricot predominating

Chocolate ~ A luxurious blend of Chocolate and quality black tea

Chocolate Mint~ A luxurious blend of Chocolate and quality black tea


Formosa Oolong ~ This toasty-style of brown oolong is light in body with a slight peach flavor

Ginger’s Oolong ~ Formosa Oolong spiced with ginger

Pomegranate Oolong ~ Ti Quan Yin infused with Pomegranate

Jasmine ~ Made from Pouchong, slightly browner than green tea. Jasmine flowers produce a fragrant brew


Citron ~ Green Bancha tea leaves carefully blended with orange oil and marigold flowers

Jane’s Garden ~ A blend of Bancha and rosebuds make this a truly romantic blend

Sencha ~ The Japanese drink sencha daily. You may find it to be a very approachable green tea

Bangkok ~ A combination of green tea, lemongrass, coconut and ginger


Mutan White ~ Very light in color and body with a subtle, sweet flavor

Wedding Tea ~ Combines a delightful white tea with delicate rose petals

Fruit & Herbal Tisanes ~ Caffeine Free

Bermuda Blend ~ Hibiscus flowers, naturally rich in vitamin C, this ruby-red liquor is tart and refreshing

Rooibos ~ Caffeine free, South African “Redbush”, rich in vitamin c, minerals, proteins & anti-oxidants

Chamomile ~ A soothing, calming tisane perfect for afternoon or evening

Peppermint ~ Brisk and rejuvenating, great when you need a lift without caffeine

Lemon ~ Brisk yet relaxing lemon flavor

Strawberry/Kiwi ~ Slightly tart and very refreshing. Perfect hot or iced!

Raspberry ~ A mixture of Rosehips, hibiscus and raspberry leaves produces a great tasting tea

At The Tea Leaf, we practice safe food handling. However, only you know the severity of your or a loved one's allergy. We respectfully ask that you refrain from ordering any of our offerings if you have any hesitation or question about a potentially hazardous ingredient.

Since some of our menu offerings may not be made on our premises, they contain or may contain peanuts/peanut butter, tree nuts, soy, dairy, wheat and eggs. Some or all of these ingredients are on the premises. We can't in good conscience take liberties when advising on such an important issue. Thanks for ordering responsibly!

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