Filet Mignon medallions with fresh herbs and a light brush of horseradish cream sauce
English cucumber scored and topped with a rosette of herbed cream cheese and fresh dill
Boiled eggs delicately chopped with a touch of mayonnaise, salt and spice, crisp lettuce
and tamari cream sauce, garnished with paprika
Chicken breast seasoned with fire roasted red peppers,lemon juice, EVOO and rosemary
Smoked salmon with cucumber and cream cheese


Scone of the day paired with a spread


Four petite desserts – a tray of surprises


Served with pot of tea of choice
Additional pot of tea ~ $10 each
Preparation may take 10 minutes or more
(Table reservations are for 90 minutes.)

The Tea Leaf reserves the right to substitute the menu as needed.

Tea Selections

  • Irish Breakfast – Black Tea: 100% Assam, with robust and intense flavor. An extra strong tea with slightly smoky notes and malty flavor. Slàinte!
  • Golden Tip Darjeeling – Black Tea: Delicate and mossy with hints of fruit and citrus, this light, musky-sweet tea’s notes recall that of muscat wine.
  • Finest Earl Grey – Black Tea: A distinguished blend with refreshing citrus bergamot.
    The Earl will never steer you wrong.
  • Lapsang Souchong Qing Dynasty – Black Tea: Notes of pine resin, smoked paprika, dried longan, and peated whisky.
  • Hot Cinnamon Spice – Black Tea: An assertive blend with three types of cinnamon,orange peel, and sweet cloves, extraordinarily strong aroma of spices and citrus. Feisty and gorgeous.
  • Floral Tie Guan Yin – Oolong Tea: ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy.’ Complex floral notes of Jasmine and Orchid, with strong fruity notes of peach or papaya. A full bodied, sweet and soothing delight.
  • Jasmine Da Zhang – Green Tea: Organic, fragrant Jasmine blossoms. Mildly pungent tea
    with a pleasant aroma. A whole new world.
  • Tokyo – Green Tea: Blended with toasted sesame seeds and caramel flavors, and mild earthen grassiness. A wonderful dessert tea, vibrant as the city itself.
  • Mutan White – White Tea: Delicate with subtle sweet flowery taste.
  • Mother’s Day Bouquet – Herbal Tea: Blends of rose petals, chamomile flowers, cornflowers, orange peel, and natural orange flavor.
  • Lemon Apple – Herbal Tea: When life gives you fresh lemons … add the smoothness
    of apple, the zest of turmeric and make a delicious tea. Steep time: 8 min.
  • Rooibos de Provence (aka Red Bush) – Herbal Tea: Luxury ingredients of lavender, rose petals, currants, and rosehips. A true cup of joie de vivre!