Family Week Menu May 9th – 12th, 2024

Each guest receives: 

Five Savories, A Scone with French Preserve, Sweets, and Properly Brewed Loose Leaf Tea.  

Currently serving: 

A Chateaubriand cut of beef, marinated in butter, with crumbled chive, thyme, rosemary, and BUBBIES horseradish juice. Served on pumpernickel with a horseradish cream sauce and a thyme butter topping. 

Chicken, brined with Italian sea salt and roasted red pepper juice. Seasoned with Italian herbs, topped with a crispy vegetable nest in a pastry cup. 

Nellies free-range organic eggs are hand chopped and blended with buttery mustard cream sauce.  

English cucumbers scored and stacked with fresh dill and cream cheese. 

A nice bite of soft nova style Smoked Salmon.  

Creative scones with French preserves, bread pudding, and desserts to delight you. 

The Mixologist: Mocktails, sparkling ciders and sparkling tea ~7.50+tax and g = $9.75.  

Afternoon Tea Service ~ Price Per Guest (any age):

67.89 + tax 4.75 and 30% g = 20.37 = $93.00 

A deposit of 50% of your party is due to confirm your 90-minute reservation. 

Please advise us of any dietary restrictions or food allergies. Vegan, Vegetarian, GF 10 days’ notice. *We reserve the right to exchange or change the menu. 

Thursday May 9th  10:30 – 7pm ~ Friday May 10th 10:30 – 7pm   

Saturday May 11th  10:30 – 7pm  ~ Sunday May 12th ‘Mother’s Day’ 10:30 – 7pm 

Call 781 891 1900  ~ email 


The not fun information: 

Table Time: Your hour and half experience with us should be lovely and if within the first few minutes of your food or tea arriving, you are not pleased, bring it to the manager’s attention ( Robin will be on Duty). Allow us a chance to respond to your concerns. If your party needs more than 90 minutes notify us when making your reservation request. Tea orders are delivered within 20 minutes of your first guest. (Choosing, Steeping and Serving tea- 15 minutes.) 

Dress code: Business casual, classy casual, and tea attire. We play a light style of classical music. Because we are in New England, we have air-conditioning  and a fireplace that changes color.  

Atmosphere: We host Watch City Arts Gallery and assist in the sales for the non-profit. 

We have a security door, please ring the bell, and listen for the lock release buzz and enter, someone will meet you at the door shortly.  

Cellular/Wi-Fi: We do not offer Wi-Fi or support the use of phones unless taking photos.  

Photography: We are happy to take a photo of your group when your food arrives. Have one phone ready. Entrance to The Tea Leaf is giving consent for photography used at our discretion. The exception is that of a minor or previous notification. 

Payment:  US Currency Bills, Credit Cards, Apple Pay. The Tea Leaf gift cards or donation certificates are not eligible on holidays or special dates including this notice.  

Appropriate ages for guests: Five and over. Please advise us if you need sensory support or other accommodation.  

Hosting a group of three or more children under 4yrs old will require a different week. 

Accessibility: We have accommodation for wheelchairs however we do not have lower tables, boosters, or highchairs. Please ask if you need to park closer to the building. Baby carriages, strollers and car seats are welcome on a different  week. 

Your reservation will be secured with a time, table number and payment of the deposit. 

Cancellations, changes in menu, or guest count, require a conversation  before April 30th, On May 1st we count the number of guests as confirmed and the food will be prepared for that amount. On the day of your reservation food prepared for a missing guest can be served to the table or packaged as best as possible to take home.  

Complete cancellation of your reservation before April 30th will have a minimum managerial fee of $50.00 and we will send a cancelation code to confirm. After 5pm on April 30th, 2024, your deposit  to The Tea Leaf is forfeited.